Seriously, Deep-Fried Watermelon Is The Summer Snack You Need To Try

Watermelon slices on cutting board
Watermelon slices on cutting board - Huizeng Hu/Getty Images

With its sweet juicy flesh and refreshing taste, watermelon is the ultimate summertime fruit. Beyond satisfying your taste buds and quenching your thirst, this bright pink fruit is also quite versatile. While you may be used to enjoying watermelon sliced or chopped, you can also use it in light and fun recipes such as watermelon and cucumber salad and hydrating watermelon slushies. Yet, have you ever prepared watermelon with heat?

Surprisingly, deep-fried watermelon may be the seasonal snack you've been missing all along. Yet, since ice-cold watermelon is the perfect antidote to hot summer days, the idea of frying this popular fruit in thick batter and hot oil may seem out of the ordinary. However, with the right preparation, batter, and cooking process, you can successfully transform watermelon into a delicious, deep-fried sensation.

While the exact origins of deep-fried watermelon are somewhat speculative, for some, this treat has been passed down from generations. At large family gatherings, specifically in the south, leftover watermelon was covered in cake batter and fried into a special post-dinner delight for young ones. While many present-day recipes recommend using flour and a simple mixture of egg whites, cornstarch, and water, when attempting your own batch of deep-fried watermelon, feel free to experiment with a few different types of batter and breading for frying food. Once you decide on your ingredients, there are a few more preparation-related tips to consider when this fried confection is on the menu.

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How To Make The Best Deep-Fried Watermelon

Deep-fried watermelon bites
Deep-fried watermelon bites - yippieskippy / Instagram

Among the creative watermelon ideas you'll thank us for later, deep-frying may quickly become your new favorite way to prepare this seasonal treat. Thankfully, you don't always need perfectly ripe watermelon to make this unconventional food. Unripe watermelons and in some cases, watermelon rind, can be used for more savory preparations. Upon cutting your watermelon of choice, you also have more options to choose from before dipping this vibrant fruit into prepared batter.

To give watermelon a more developed flavor before frying, marinate sliced fruit with lime juice, salt, and vinegar. If you're feeling extra daring, add in a good pour of chili sauce and marinate fruit for at least one hour. You can also prepare watermelon as is. To go one step further, drain your watermelon's excess moisture by placing lightly sugared watermelon in a colander over your sink before frying.

Once the fruit is prepared to your liking, heat enough cooking oil in your deep-fryer or Dutch oven and prepare your batter of choice. For a more savory option, try a beer-infused batter. For a sweeter breading, choose a batter that includes milk, sugar, and vanilla. Once cooking oil reaches anywhere between 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, you're ready to fry and enjoy. Depending on what you're in the mood for, there are many ways to serve and enjoy deep-fried watermelon.

There's More Than One Way To Eat Deep-Fried Watermelon

Deep-fried watermelon salad
Deep-fried watermelon salad - davidjhopley / Instagram

Now that you have a warm batch of deep-fried watermelon at the ready, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to enjoying this sweet and savory food. To serve this deep-fried delight as part of a complete meal, why not upgrade your refreshing watermelon salad to include the warmer, crunchier version of this summer-specific fruit? With the addition of feta cheese and balsamic vinegar, the watermelon's crunchy breading will add a bit more bulk to your dish without overwhelming your salad's underlying flavors. You can also serve deep-fried watermelon as an unconventional appetizer. Serve with a cool homemade tzatziki sauce or pair it with a spicy chili dipping sauce for an added touch of spice.

On the other hand, enjoying deep-fried watermelon as a delicious one-of-a-kind dessert is simple. All you need to do is sprinkle warm fruit with a solid dose of powdered sugar. To upgrade this simple treat, drizzle warm fruit with homemade strawberry or chocolate sauce. You can also add a dollop of whipped cream or make a simple glaze by combining powdered sugar with milk and vanilla extract. You have several unique ways to enjoy this unconventional food. If you're on the hunt for a new and exciting seasonal treat, give deep-fried watermelon a try.

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