'I screamed': Woman's shocking find inside online order

Sarah Carty
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A woman got more than she bargained for this week when her online order from Sephora came with a very unexpected guest.

Chloe Wilson, who turns 27 on Monday, decided to treat herself for her birthday with a few cult beauty items from the retail giant - some blushes from Nudestix and a lip sleeping mask from Laneige.

Chloe Wilson Sephora delivery
A Sydney woman couldn't believe her eyes when a lizard hopped out of her Sephora online delivery. Photo: Supplied
Lizard inside a Sephora box
The lizard was about 15cm x 3cm in size. Photo: Supplied

The Sydney woman, who has her own beauty Instagram account, was so excited when the package arrived at her door, she ran up to her bedroom to open it up but couldn’t believe her eyes when a lizard popped out.

“As soon as I opened it, it sprung or leaped out of the box, kind of like a jack in the box it jumped that high,” Chloe told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Naturally I screamed and required my boyfriend to kindly escort it out of my bedroom into the backyard.”

A lizard on pink bedsheets
Chloe called her boyfriend and asked him to take the lizard outside. Photo: Supplied
Lizard inside a house in an online order
She was initially shocked by his beady eyes. Photo: Supplied

She said it was probably about 15cm x 3cm in size and had beady eyes, which initially shocked her.

After sending a photo of the lizard to her mum, who thought it might have been a baby crocodile, Chloe got over the initial shock and thought it was actually “kind of cute”.

“We have quite a big yard with lots of other lizards in it so I think he would have been ok out there,” she said.

Email apology from Sephora
Sephora replied within an hour of Chloe emailing them. Photo: Supplied
Shloe Wilson dressed up for a wedding
Chloe says she has no issue with using the products as they were each packaged individually inside the box. Photo: Supplied

Chloe emailed Sephora straight away “so they were aware and just in case other people had lizards inside their packages”.

“They responded within the hour and offered a full refund and lodged an investigation into the warehouse, couriers and logistics. Which was a wonderful response,” she said.

Sephora also offered Chloe a 20% discount voucher as a ‘gesture of apology’.

As for the products, Chloe says she has no issue using them as they were also packaged separately inside the main box in individual cardboard boxes.

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