Sephora Australia To Match US Prices

Sephora Australia
Sephora Australia

If we weren’t excited enough about Sephora opening in Australia later this year, the brand’s latest announcement has us cartwheeling.

When it initially announced plans to set up shop in Sydney's Pitt Street mall by December, we, like many of you, wondered about its local pricing.

After all, the retail giant is known for its cheap cosmetics, which fill the suitcases of travelling Aussies desperate to get their hands on brands that are either unavailable locally, or twice the price.

But fear no more: according to the Australian Financial Review, Sephora Australia will match the makeup and haircare prices of its US counterpart, making it the first beauty mecca to bring affordable cosmetics to the local masses.

Even more excitingly, Sephora Australia reportedly plans to launch new brands every month for the first year.

“Sephora has set its sights on snaring at least 10 per cent of the $4 billion Australian market by offering lower prices, new brands and a self-service format,” stated the AFR in a report released today.

Sephora to open in Australia sooner than expected

Sephora to open in Australia

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