Senior Labrador Who Loves 'Watching the Neighborhood' Is the Best Little Guard Queen

No matter how many toys we buy our pets, there are few things that are more entertaining to them than a big window overlooking the neighborhood. My cats will sit for hours, chirping at birds, and my dog likes to act like the neighborhood watch, barking anytime someone passes on the sidewalk. To them, it has to be better than anything they could ever see on TV — especially when another dog walks by. That's the good stuff.

The dog in this Instagram video appears to feel the same way, and if she's trying to be a guard dog, she's doing an excellent job. In fact, she loves keeping an eye on things so much that her human put a big, comfy chair right in front of the window so she can guard the house and be cozy at the same time.

On Tuesday, July 2, Taisy Tots shared this sweet footage of her senior Labrador's daily routine: First, she eats breakfast, and then, she goes to her chair in the window to people watch. Sounds like a pretty nice morning to me!

In the video, we can see this sweet girl, whose name is Taisy, trotting over to her chair and hopping up there to get settled in. Since this looks to be a second story window, she's got a pretty good view! And the way she rests her chin on the window sill is just too much.

"Taisy has always loved to stare out windows since she was younger. One day we pushed this chair up against the window and it’s been her spot ever since," her mom wrote.

Taisy's Comfy Life

In the comments, viewers were asking for a few upgrades to her people watching set up to make her even more comfortable, and Taisy's mom delivered. In this follow up post, we can see her new step stool and chin cushion, and she was treated to a bowl of water, her favorite toy, and treats nearby!

This girl is all about routines all day long, even when it's not time for morning people watching. In another post, her mom explained that Taisy is always at her office door promptly at 5:30 p.m. to remind her that it's time for her evening walk. She means business.

Then again, with a face like that, it's hard to imagine saying no to her requests... and many dogs thrive with having a daily routine like this, so it's no surprise that she loves hers so much.

We love a girl who knows what she wants!