Selling Sunset's Bre Tiesi explains Michael B Jordan hookup comment

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Selling Sunset season 7 spoilers follow.

Selling Sunset season 7 features an interesting claim from Bre Tiesi, which she's now added some context to.

While conversing with co-stars Amanza Smith, Chrishell Stause and Emma Hernan, she implied that she and Creed actor Michael B Jordan had at one time slept together.

This was in response to Smith informing the others that she loves Jordan, with Tiesi quipping: "I could do that and I've done that...".

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She's now told ETOnline: "We were all having girl talk, and we were sitting and resetting the cameras – it wasn't a conversation that was technically [for public consumption].

"I know better and that's my own fault. I know better," she added, before asking viewers to give her "a little slack" for unintentionally revealing something so intimate.

"I've definitely learned a lot these last few seasons but that was in no way me trying to be like 'Oh, I did X, Y and Z.'"

Bre continued: "You know, there's other things that happen in these conversations but remember, we want to make a good show. Whatever makes it, makes it and whatever doesn't, doesn't. But also, that wasn't my intention."

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Meanwhile, longtime Selling Sunset sensation Stause previously teased a "messy" seventh season of the Netflix show.

"At one point, we're all in [Mexican city] Cabo on vacation together and... it doesn't really make for an easy situation," she told Entertainment Weekly.

"I think there are a few shit shows that happen and I do as best as I can to just kind of, you know, state my opinions, but it gets messy."

All seven seasons of Selling Sunset are streaming on Netflix.

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