Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald gets candid about miscarriage: ‘I go from crying to just numb’

Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald gets candid about miscarriage: ‘I go from crying to just numb’

Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald has opened up about suffering a miscarriage.

In the seventh season of Netflix’s popular reality TV series, the 43-year-old realtor got candid about her pregnancy journey and subsequent miscarriage. During a December 2022 trip to Bali with her husband Romain Bonnet, she was overjoyed to learn that she was pregnant.

However, nine weeks later she and Bonnet discovered she had suffered a miscarriage when their doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat during a scheduled ultrasound appointment.

“It was heartbreaking to say the least,” Fitzgerald admitted to Today. “I was just in shock.”

In an Instagram video posted in March, the reality TV star cried while explaining to her followers that she had suffered a septic miscarriage - when an infection occurs in the uterus after miscarrying, according to the Mayo Clinic. Fitzgerald told her followers that she had to treat the uterine infection and undergo surgery. She underwent a procedure called a dilation and curettage (D&C) that removes tissue from inside the uterus.

The news blindsided and devastated the couple, who were overjoyed at the prospect of having a baby together. Fitzgerald explained to People: “When we were in Bali, we were very relaxed and had a great time. We were just in a very zen state of mind, and it was just incredible. We were so excited and I really didn’t think about the possibility - I should have - but I didn’t really think about the possibility of the pregnancy not going through.”

The real estate agent told the outlet that she tried to be as gentle with her body as possible, such as being mindful about minimising sources of stress, working out at a lower intensity level, and taking a step back from filming the series.

“I’m not really in it [the season] quite as much and around the other girls, and I just removed myself from stressful situations,” she explained. “Instead of being in the middle, mediating everybody else’s problems, I took a step back from being a manager. I just reduced the stress in my life and made sure I was lightly working out.”

She added: “Didn’t want to overdo it, but getting in exercise, eating very healthy, did a lot of yoga and meditation. It was just trying to take care of myself as best as possible.”

But none of that could prepare her for suffering a miscarraige, which an estimated one in four pregnant women experience, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

After receiving the devastating news, Fitzgerald discussed her grief with her Selling Sunset co-stars, as she explained to her husband in one episode: “I go from crying to just numb.”

In a confessional interview, she added: “I don’t know what the normal timeframe is to get over something like this and I just keep moving forward and trying to put a smile on my face and act like everything’s okay, but it doesn’t feel okay.”

Thankfully, Bonnet has been a steadfast source of support for Fitzgerald, as she explained to People that she couldn’t have asked for a better partner to lean on during this tough time.

“He’s just very, very thoughtful and sensitive to the whole situation, and he just tried to take care of me the best [way] possible, and I’m like, honey, you’re going through this too,” she told the outlet.

The longtime couple officially tied the knot in October 2019, but they were wed in a secret civil union one year before the show. Prior to her relationship with Bonnet, Fitzgerald was married twice. She became pregnant at 16 and welcomed her son Austin Babbitt, now 26.