Selena Gomez Reacted To The Theory That "Single Soon" Is About The Weeknd

By now, you've likely heard Selena Gomez's new single, "Single Soon." Or perhaps you haven't — what am I, the pop culture police? Enjoy your weekend! Throw your phone in the sea! Have a profound yet cosmically simple moment with the Earth and its splendor!

ANYWAY, if you have yet to listen, the TL;DL is that it's a joyful bop celebrating an imminent breakup: "I know he'll be a mess / When I break the news / But I'll be single soon."

Close-up of Selena putting on lipstick

The song was actually penned "a while back" but was released Friday as Selena finishes up work on her third album. Naturally, folks began speculating about who might be the subject of the single — leading some people to The Weeknd, whom Selena dated in 2017.

Close-up of The Weeknd and Selena at the Met Gala

The basis of this theory is that Selena places down a Sex and the City–esque breakup Post-it Note in the music video while singing, "The weekend's almost here."

Close-up of note reading "Im sorry I cant dont hate me"

Well, looks as if Selena herself isn't a huge fan of this theory — because she replied to a post about the speculation by writing, "Couldn't be more false."

Screenshot of her comment

This isn't the only Weeknd-related IG interaction Selena has had of late: Last week, she reacted to an AI version of the 2016 Weeknd hit "Starboy" with her vocals by simply writing, "Scary."

Screenshot of her comment

As for The Weeknd's end, there's a whole theory that The Idol was essentially deranged Selena there's that!