"And I Cried Because I Loved The Song So Much": Selena Gomez's Song "Who Says" Almost Went To A Totally Different Singer

So, you know Selena Gomez.

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Between acting, singing, hosting a cooking show, and owning one of the best celebrity makeup brands (in my opinion), she literally can do it all.

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And chances are you definitely know all the lyrics to her 2011 hit song, "Who Says."

"I wouldn't wanna be anybody else"

Well, it turns out that Selena wasn't actually the artist attached to the song originally, and Disney almost released it with a totally different person singing it.

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At Twilio’s SIGNAL conference, Selena explained just how she fought Disney to let her release the song — which was her second song to go platinum and currently has over 379 million views on YouTube.

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“It’s actually a funny story: I was working with Disney at the time, and they were actually giving the song to another artist,” she recalled, not specifying which singer almost got the song. “And I cried — I remember, I was with my mom — because I loved the song so much."

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"I basically said to my label, ‘I feel like my fans are young and they need it.’ That’s all I kept saying because I was 16 at the time. I was like, ‘I think my fans really need it; tell [them] my fans really need the song.’"

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"And so maybe it just didn’t work out with the other artist, but that was a gift to me that I did not know I needed."

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“And I love, love that song, and it has carried with me through my whole career, and I fought for it. So to be honest, I, to this day, need to hear it."

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"I’m just saying the message, it will last and last because it’s the truth. It’s such a special song."

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Even back in 2011 when the song was released, Selena gushed about how much the lyrics meant to her. “It’s probably my favorite I’ve ever recorded,” she said. “I think it’s really meaningful, and it’s kind of a big anthem. It went platinum so it’s my second song ever that’s platinum. I was really excited, I was in the car when I found out promoting the third album. It gave me a big boost.”

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And like, I literally couldn't picture anyone else singing this song. It was truly meant to be!

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So, do yourself a favor and listen to "Who Says" here.