Security called as model walks streets half naked

Rebekah Scanlan
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A model has left passersby so shocked by the fact she’s only wearing half an outfit — they called security.

Popular YouTube user Jen The Body Painter decided to test the reactions of people in the street by painting the front of a model in jeans and a crop top, while leaving her back completely bare.

While most people thought the woman looked amazing, many were left completely stunned by her barely there look at a sports game, with someone eventually calling security.

A model was stopped by security in the street after passersby complained about the fact she was only wearing half an outfit. Source: YouTube/JenTheBodyPainter

“Are you going to the game?” security quizzed, as they pulled up in a golf cart beside her.

The three officers then proceeded to ask her why she was walking down the path, which led directly into a sports stadium.

“Am I not allowed to walk here?” she responds. “I’m just saying hi and being friendly.”

This model looks like she’s wearing clothes from the front, but they aren’t real. They have been painted on, deliberately leaving the back bare. Source: YouTube/JenTheBodyPainter

After giving her “the run down” the brunette was allowed to walk on, baring her bum to the men in uniform.

“He’s cool,” she says, as she walks back into the crowd.

Body artist Jen is known for raising eyebrows with her work.

Earlier this year she confused social media users by sharing a photo of three women in black tops, asking them if they could spot which one wasn’t wearing one.

People in the street couldn’t help but stare at the half naked model. Source: YouTube/JenTheBodyPainter

She also sent one of her models into a supermarket to go grocery shopping wearing nothing but paint.

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