Sea Cat Punch Is The Jamaican Drink Made From An Unlikely Ocean Creature

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If you order a sea cat punch at a bar, get prepared for a taste of an aquatic creature. In Jamaica, sea cat is slang for octopus. Bartenders first boil octopus to make a white, milky liquid that is to be used in making this drink recipe. White rum, cream, peanuts, molasses, malt powder, and a protein drink called Supligen are blended along with ice and the liquid made from the octopus. Supligen alone is made to be a meal replacement in beverage form; packed with vitamins, iron, and calcium, the drink can be found in a range of flavors such as peanut, vanilla, cookies and cream, chocolate, and coffee -- and that is before it is added to the sea cat creation.

Blended with malt powder, cream, and rum, this boozy milkshake-like drink is dense. It's no wonder sips of this thick concoction are believed to boost virility. Unless you're in Jamaica, however, you may send your bartender into confusion by asking for this beverage, whether you ask for a sea cat punch or a sea cat cocktail.

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Cocktails With A Wild Side

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If, for understandable reasons, you cannot get your hands on octopus to boil, reach for overproof Jamaican rum, as this cocktail can handle the loud, large flavor of stronger alcohol. Depending on where you live in the world, Supligen may also be tricky to find, but you can blend your choice of hearty rum with orgeat syrup, coconut cream, Angostura bitters, and ginger beer for a foamy touch. Garnish your creamy alcoholic drink with a touch of a tropical island: Think slices of fruit, shavings of dried coconut, powdery sprinkles of cinnamon, and light dustings of nutmeg. If nothing else, the frothy cocktail makes good use of Jamaica's spirit and delivers a wallop of flavor in a glass to put back. It's no wonder sea cat punch is known as a fisherman's drink.

For another milky, frothy drink that carries an animal title, mix up panther milk with your choice of alcohol, condensed milk, cream, and grenadine. With cocktail recipes this bold, we won't judge if you decide to unleash your inner animal.

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