Scott Morrison makes formal apology to Brittany Higgins ‘We are sorry’

Scott Morrison speaks to the media during a press conference in Canberra, Monday, Feb. 7, 2022 (AP)
Scott Morrison speaks to the media during a press conference in Canberra, Monday, Feb. 7, 2022 (AP)

Australian PM Scott Morrison made a formal apology to a former political staff member who said she was raped by a colleague in Parliament House in 2019.

Brittany Higgins’ story triggered #Metoo protests nationwide and a review which later found a “boys club” culture in parliament.

Mr Morrison apologised in parliament to everyone who had suffered from sexual misconduct as he said: “We are sorry.”

He went on: “I am sorry. We are sorry. I am sorry to Ms Higgins for the terrible things that took place here. And the place that should have been a place for safety and contribution, turned out to be a nightmare.

“I am sorry for far more than that. All of those who came before Ms Higgins.

“We are sorry for all of these things, and in doing so, each of us take an accountability for change. For those of us who have perpetuated the bullying and violence, the light will come to those behaviours. As it must.

“But it will follow and respect the rule of law in this country. It will proceed on the basis of fairness and justice. It will be done in the proper way. Justice should come, and it should always be delivered under the rule of law.”

Ms Higgins broke down in tears after listening to the speech.

She watched on from the House of Representatives public gallery.

Mr Morrison commended Ms Higgins for her bravery in coming forward with her story.

“I rise to recognise all of those who are why we are here today making this acknowledgment. I particularly want to acknowledge Ms Brittany Higgins, whose experience, and more importantly courage, is the reason we are all here today. And I want to thank her for that,” Mr Morrison said.

Previously, the Australian PM has received criticism over his responses.