Scott Gooding: Get fit in six weeks

Five minutes a day. That’s the time it takes to make a cup of tea, check your emails or catch up on the latest Taylor Swift vs Calvin Harris gossip.

Or, you could smash out a super quick workout and lose half a kilo a week, boost your energy levels and feel amazing.

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I’ve put together the easiest six-week workout you’ll ever do - and I’ll be here to coach you every step of the way. Best of all, there’s even a video to keep handy so you never forget to do it.

You have five exercises to complete, three times a week. Just perform as many rounds as possible within the time for your fitness level.

Here’s how long you should exercise for:

5 mins (beginners)
10 mins (low intermediate)
15 mins (high intermediate)
20 mins (advanced)

My top tip for week one: start slow and set a realistic goal. Get the week rolling on a positive note, and get a five minute workout or two under your belt if you’re not sure where to start. The beauty is you can do these workouts anytime, anywhere and it costs next to nothing… except sweat!


Elephant walk
Elephant walk

Elephant walk – 10 reps

• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Fold at the hip, keeping your legs as straight as possible.
• Slowly walk your hands out away from your feet so your end point is a ‘superman’ position.
• Hold for 3 seconds before walking your hands back to your feet.
• Repeat (make sure not to stand-up in between!).

Kettlebell row
Kettlebell row

Kettlebell row – 20 reps (10 left, 10 right)

• Step your left foot forward and place a kettlebell (8kg for beginners and 24kg for advanced) on the ground on the inside of your front foot. Make sure the handle is parallel to your body.
• Rest your left forearm on your left thigh, grip the handle and lift the KB off the ground as you draw your elbow alongside your body.
• Pull the KB up towards your chest and then lower smoothly. Avoid placing the KB on the ground and maintain tension.
• Repeat.

Sumo squat
Sumo squat

Sumo squat – 20 reps

• Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, turning your feet outwards.
• Bend at the knees and hips as your tailbone lowers towards the ground.
• Aim to get your thighs at least parallel with the ground while maintaining a straight back.
• Return to the start position and repeat.

Broad jumps
Broad jumps

Broad jump – 10 reps

• Stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes facing forward and standing upright.
• Bend at the knees and hips as you lower your tailbone towards the ground, using your arms as a counter balance if needed.
• Jump off the ground, travelling forward as well as vertically.
• Perform a squat jump but travel forward as well as vertically, travel as far as you can.
• Avoid performing the reps too quickly - pause and set yourself in between each rep.
• Repeat.

Butterfly sit ups
Butterfly sit ups

Butterfly sit ups – 20 reps

• Lay on your back with your legs bent, knees dropped to either side of your body and the soles of your feet together (like frog legs).
• With your arms above your head, begin to lift your arms and upper body off the ground and place your hands on the ground in front of your legs.
• Return to the start position with control.

Aim to eat plenty of greens during your first week. Photo: Instagram/scottgoodingproject
Aim to eat plenty of greens during your first week. Photo: Instagram/scottgoodingproject

When it comes to your diet, make sure you have a sufficient supply of protein like fish, red meat and game, and fat like avocado, olives, coconut oil and butter throughout the day. Don't forget plenty of leafy greens like kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus and silverbeet. Post-training, increase your safe carb intake with sweet potato, taro, yams and quinoa, and drink plenty of water.

Here's a sample meal plan for inspiration:

Breakfast: Kale and chilli egg omelette
Lunch: Crispy skin salmon with sautéd silverbeet, garlic, chilli and tahini dressing
Dinner: Roast chicken with roast brussel sprouts

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