Scorpio: Today's horoscope

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December 17, 2018

As Mars prepares to leave your 5th House, you’re going to become a little less likely to feel quite so motivated where romance, kids and creativity is concerned. On the one hand, this can be quite good news. If any (or all) of these parts of your life have been a source of tension or anxiety over the past few weeks, you’re like to feel that sense of urgency slip away. However, if you’ve been feeling super-motivated in any of these parts of your life and that’s been a good thing, you’re going to have to somehow Hold That Thought and keep yourself self-motivated as this current cycle comes to an end. PS Today’s freebie: Finally I am ready to offer you my annual free mini-guide about the “Promises and the Pressures” of the year ahead – click here if you’re interested.