Scorpio Daily Horoscope – June 11 2020

Mercury will be retrograde in about one week from now.

So what can you expect?
Mercury retrograde will be happening in the part of your chart connected to your ‘cosmic path’ through life and also adventure, study, travel and education. When Mercury ‘goes backwards’ here in about a week, you can expect to be doing some rethinking and reconsidering about one of these subjects (or maybe you already are as we are in the shadow period). Perhaps it’s time to take another look at the philosophies you live your life by. Are there some more things to learn? There could also be confusion in one of these areas. Take extra care if you’re travelling or studying. Travelling now could lead you on some wild and wacky adventures which weren’t included in your original itinerary. Don’t put valuable items in your luggage as they’re more likely than usual to get lost in transit (temporarily, hopefully). Interested in Mercury retrograde? Grab my Mercury Retrograde Book here.