Scorpio Daily Horoscope – 10 January 2023

So what does 2023 hold for you when it come to love? Read on!
There is no doubt that your sign is very much in the planetary firing line at the moment but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Rather it means that this is a period where you can grow as a person and also as a partner. In fact, as of May, you have the best love stars you’ve had in a decade as the lucky planet Jupiter moves into your Love Zone. Just be careful not to get involved in any love power struggles – that could end up ruining your romantic good luck! Release outdated relationships at the end of the year.
Power dates: May 5 – your life could be about to change. What do you want? October 28 – it’s time to leave the past behind. November 25 – relax.
Ready for a big year? Make sure you have this with you to guide you!

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