How To Score An Even Bigger Big Mac From McDonald's

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There's no doubt the McDonald's Big Mac is a hearty meal, but what do you do if you have a super-sized hunger that a regular version of the burger can't satisfy? Well, you grab a "Bigger Mac" instead, using one creative trick.

Frequent McDonald's visitors know that employees are typically open to modifying many of the best-known menu items with other readily available pieces and parts from other meals. For a more substantial Big Mac, diners can ask them to swap out the traditional patties for the heftier ones used for the quarter-pounder. With typical patties weighing in around 1.6 ounces and quarter-pounders just over 4 ounces before cooking, it's an easy way to more than double the amount of meat on your sandwich.

You may be asked to pay more for this mega-burger, but the premium is likely worth it for especially hungry diners and McDonald's superfans. And, since it's not an official menu item, you may find restaurants unwilling to make it for you. Still, those with dedication can always buy the parts and assemble them themselves if they're simply looking for the experience.

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Delicious Options For Creative McDiners

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This is by no means the only McDonald's secret menu item you need to know about. There's the crudely named "McGangBang," consisting of a whole McChicken sandwich inside a McDouble. There's even the gargantuan "Land, Sea, and Air," which adds a Filet-o-Fish patty to the mix alongside the McChicken and burger. They're all the result of the creativity of McDonald's diners themselves, not corporate food science or focus groups.

Those looking to slightly downsize their Big Mac to a Smaller Mac can also slightly modify another lower-cost menu item, the McDouble. Simply ask for the ketchup and mustard on the sandwich to be replaced by Big Mac sauce. This creates a similar flavor profile to the Big Mac, minus the shredded lettuce and middle bun. This customizability is one of the many reasons the Golden Arches have earned so many fans over the decades — not to mention an ever-evolving selection of "secret" delights for die-hards.

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