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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Bear Gift Bundle

Score your very own National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Bear Gift Bundle ($51) that's available online only ASAP!

You Can Score a Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie Build-A-Bear, and Quick! Someone Get Clark!

Build-A-Bear always has a ton of plushes our kids can't wait to get their hands on during the holiday season. Between the Grinch and Disney's Frozen 2 lines, it can be hard to choose! But recently, it released the mother of all teddy bears: a full-on Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. While we're certainly planning to get one for our kids, it's going to be hard to resist picking up an extra plush for ourselves. The National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Bear ($51) is seriously a hoot, clad in one of his unforgettable outfits. As sweet as your child's new BFF is, someone better warn Clark that this is happening. We have a feeling he's not going to be happy! Scroll through to get a look at this adorable gift set from one of our all-time favorite Christmas flicks.


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