Score $200 Off KitchenAid's 5.5 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer For Black Friday

Colorful KitchenAid stand mixers
Colorful KitchenAid stand mixers - M-Production/Shutterstock

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If you're just getting into baking, you've undoubtedly coveted one of those beautiful KitchenAid stand mixers. Apart from being an absolute classic baking tool, they're so stylish! If you're still looking to obtain one of these beauties for a home-baking level up as well as a top-drawer countertop display, we have excellent news: You can save $200 on a KitchenAid 5.5 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer as part of Best Buy's Black Friday sale. The mixers come in four dazzling KitchenAid colors: Black matte, ink blue, contour silver, and empire red.

This sale price almost knocks the usual list price for this product in half, from $449.99 to $249.99. Of course, some unsurprising caveats apply: The offered product is subject to change, and its quantity, as well as the length of the sale offer, is (understandably) limited. Thus stipulated, time is of the essence. Now, what will your two hundred-and-fifty smackers get you?

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Bowl-Lift Stand Mixers: For The Big Jobs

White stand mixer
White stand mixer - ALEKSEI SEMYKIN/Shutterstock

The KitchenAid stand mixers on sale at Best Buy are of the bowl-lift, not tilt head, variety. In the latter, the top of the mixer tilts up and away to facilitate bowl removal better. The former includes a lever that raises and lowers the two arms that hold the bowl to accomplish the same task. But is that the only difference? Nope. Bowl-lift mixers tend to be more robust -- they're heavier, for one thing, and built to handle larger, heavier batches of cookie batter or bread dough, like the ones needed for big holiday bakes and not little baking tasks.

This bad boy on sale comes with 500 watts of mixing, kneading, and beating power that can be controlled by a wide range of 11 speeds -- including ½ speed. Its 5.5-quart bowl is made from sturdy stainless steel, and two of more than ten attachments come included: A flat beater and a dough hook. Unsurprisingly, the KitchenAid 5.5 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is universally beloved, scoring a near-perfect five-star rating from over 300 reviews on Best Buy's product page. To help seal the deal, Best Buy is offering an extended return policy for mixers bought before December 30: In-store or mail-in returns and exchanges will be accepted until January 13. So, what are you waiting for, you home bakers (or thoughtful gift-givers)? It's time to mix it up.

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