Save Time By Steaming Fish On Top Of Simmering Vegetables And Sauces

vegetables and fish plated on dish
vegetables and fish plated on dish - Ryzhkov Photography/Shutterstock

One-pot meals aren't just for pastas and stews. If you're pressed for time or simply want fewer dishes to wash at the end of mealtime, we have an easy tip to help you maximize time in the kitchen when preparing vegetables and fish. Though you might be reluctant to cook vegetables and fish in one pan due to health or taste reasons, the combination is safe and can help you put a delicious dinner on the table faster (and with less fuss).

Instead of having to wield a steaming rack or separate pots and pans for individual ingredients, simply cook your fish fillets on top of tonight's assortment of vegetables. Scallions, mushrooms, and broccoli are dense enough vegetables to withstand the heat of the steaming ingredients in your pan. Stack similarly-sized pieces at the bottom of your pan and rest the fish on top of your assembled ingredients. Flavor with spices, herbs, seasonings, and sauces to taste, and in under ten minutes time, you'll have a delicious meal to plate and serve.

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Master Culinary Efficiency With Confidence

cook preparing fish and greens
cook preparing fish and greens - Solovyova/Getty Images

This one-pan weekday-friendly cooking approach doesn't have to be restricted to fish dishes, either. Consider layering marinated tofu, meatballs, or other types of protein on top of your choice of vegetables. While this cooking technique isn't ideal for thicker cuts of meat or proteins that are better off seared, shrimp, lobster, and some meat plant-based meat alternatives can be prepared using this efficient approach to steaming.

Similarly to choosing different proteins, a variety of vegetables can be placed at the bottom of your pan. Stay away from more delicate greens and instead opt for sturdy vegetables. When layering your protein of choice, be sure that the pieces are elevated high enough from the bottom of the pan and stacked above the pan's base so the ingredient is steamed and not braised. With a cooking style made this easy, midweek meals are sorted, and you can sit back and relax knowing there will be less cleanup in the kitchen once your belly is full.

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