Aussie influencer turned WAG celebrates impeding arrival with nude bump pic

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Aussie influencer shares nine month bump pic. Photos: Instagram/moonstrucktraveller

Aussie influencer turned WAG Sarah Kohan, has celebrated the impeding arrival of her baby boy sharing a nude bump pic with her followers online.

Sarah, also known as the ‘moonstrucktraveller’, and West Ham striker Javier Hernandez, are about to welcome their first child after they tied the knot in a secret Californian ceremony earlier last month.

“Nine months growing you little guy.. we can’t wait to see your face,” she wrote alongside the image, which has gained over 100K likes and almost 1,500 comments.

She asked fans about whether their first borns looked more like the father or mother, adding that if “he is a mini clone of [Javier] I will die of cuteness”.

Fans called the WAG “beautiful” and praised her latest bump photo.

“We live for a hot and confident in her own skin pregnant momma! I’ve never seen anyone rock pregnancy like you do. Keep doing your thing, girl,” was one comment.

As always there were a some haters – including vomit emojis and creepy comments about ‘tender’ pregnant women. Sarah even had to hit back at Mexican media who slammed the WAG for the photo.

“Okay, so I want to talk about something which makes me so angry,” she said on her Instagram stories.

“So I uploaded the photo showing my belly… and a Mexican news channel, of course, reposted the photo criticising me, but then, a few hours later, uploaded another girl doing a naked selfie, saying ‘she is turning up the heat’.

“It makes me so angry, it’s hard enough being pregnant, trying to accept your body and the way that it is, especially towards the end, and you’re just like the size of a boat! It’s all about empowering women, and these channels are just not doing that.”

Sarah won the heart of an EPL star

The Australian influencer began making waves across the cashed-up world of Premier League football earlier this year, after it emerged she secretly married one of its most prominent rising stars.

Despite the pair now being on the same life trajectory, their upbringings were quite literally worlds apart.

While 25-year-old Sarah grew up near Sydney’s famed sandy beaches, her new hubby, 30, was born and raised in the historical city of Guadalajara in central Mexico.

Javier now earns a reported AU$260,000 a week playing for both West Ham and the Mexican national team, following a previous five-year stint at Manchester United.

Sarah Kohan’s pregnancy journey

Off-field, the couple have one thing firmly on their mind – the arrival of their first child, a baby boy.

Throughout her pregnancy, Sarah has gained attention across social media for proudly displaying her bump in a series of Instagram posts.

But the past few months are far from the first time the law graduate found fame online.

Making a name for herself

Her first brush with notoriety came in 2016 after she began posting pictures with exotic marine life during her far flung travels.

From swimming with turtles to hugging wild piglets and diving with sharks, you name it, Sarah had done it.

Her adventures took her to places as far flung as Bora Bora, the Cook Islands, Hawaii and the Bahamas, and she hoped her travels would inspire people to find a new respect for wildlife.

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