What is the sandwich method for outfits on TikTok?

Fashion creators on TikTok have started sharing their method for constructing easy, casual outfits and they’re calling it the sandwich method.

According to the sandwich method, people should match the top and bottom pieces of their outfit and put a statement garment in the middle of it. Oftentimes, this means that the shirt and shoes will match, while the pants can be used to add a different dynamic to the outfit.

“When putting together an outfit, consider choosing the same color on the bottom as you would the top,” said Lydia (@lydia.langford). “In this case, instead of wearing my black pumps, I choose to wear my white sandals to complete the look.”

The sandwich method is just one of many style hacks TikTokers have circulated on the app. Another popular styling hack is the rule of thirds. This trick, which often refers to photography framing, means that the top part of an outfit should take up one-third of the body and the bottom should cover the remaining two-thirds. With this hack, it’s believed that people can look taller and more elongated.

While some just found out about the sandwich method, many have unknowingly followed it

“I’ve been doing this my whole life and had no idea that this is a rule,” commented @madison_topping under @lydia.langford’s post.

Others have tried to update the rule to make sure there’s enough diversity in the colors they wear.

“I prefer to do a minimum of three colors. Matching the top and shoes seems to matchy,” replied @envymetoo.

Several TikTokers have already done this method when getting dressed, but the official name is gaining popularity, as the hashtag #sandwichtheory has over 37 million views.

The sandwich method isn’t limited to one statement piece in the outfit. Multiple garments can be sandwiched and layered in a single outfit, as shown by one stylist named Han (@styleedbyhan).

In her videos showing how she uses the sandwich method, Han often implements the rule several times.

“The trousers are sandwiched between the top and the shoes, so I’m going with some blue sunglasses to sandwich the shirt between the glasses and the trousers,” she said.

Han showed two outfits in her post and went into detail about how the colors tied in together, which helped many of her viewers better understand styling tricks.

“This is life changing for me thank you I’ve never been able to understand fashion thinking,” replied @maradunn._.

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