Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S6 is legitimately a 'must-have'

Aletha Wilkinson
Head of Lifestyle

For the most part, I’ve always thought of tablets as a ‘nice to have’. As in, they’re handy to have around, but not so handy that I’ve ever rushed to replace ours when they eventually cark it. They certainly haven’t ever quite reached the position of ‘must have’, at least not in our household.

For content consumption, most people these days have a smartphone with a screen large enough to watch video, at least for an hour or two. It’s only when travelling long haul or binge watching that a tablet might come in handy, and even then they’re not strictly necessary.

We’ve had four tablets at our house over the years and only one was mine. When it eventually slowed down to the point where lag time made it near-unusable, I put it in a drawer and forgot about it.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got my hands on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 at a product briefing last week, and within minutes I realised I actively need one to get my work done.

Thin, light and packed with features

First off, it’s thin, light and has a cute little kickstand on the optional ‘book cover’ keyboard. It’s a great-looking little piece of kit.

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S6 could genuinely change the way you do business (or study). Source: Supplied, Samsung

But what really sets the S6 apart, for me, is the note conversion. When you use the S Pen to take notes – and now you can take notes on a transparent notepad while you’re watching a video, which is insanely modern and high tech – it can instantly convert them to text with the click of a button.

While this technology isn’t particularly new, it’s the speed and accuracy of the conversion that blew me away. Like many whose penmanship has been negatively impacted by technology use, I have shocking handwriting these days thanks to endless text messaging and typing on the laptop.

Yet the Tab S6 was able to seamlessly translate my scrawls and scratchings into beautifully neat and tidy text in the blink of an eye. It’s genuinely astonishing and it instantly made me consider the practical applications in the workplace.

Hand writing is better for memory function

Study after study has shown that writing by hand is conclusively linked to easier memory formation, deeper engagement with content and more thorough information processing than simply typing into a laptop. The trouble is, you’re then left with a notebook filled with scribble that inevitably needs to be thrown out when it’s full up.

Obviously this person is both invisible and drawing bubbles, but you can easily imagine yourself taking lots of notes in a meeting. Picture: Supplied, Samsung

With a tablet like the S6, though, you can take handwritten notes which will stick better in your memory, but these are then turned into lovely typed notes which you can save immediately as a Word doc – or to your Google Drive.

Lectures, meetings, shopping lists, journaling – you name it, now you can organise and store them all neatly straight away. It’s the best of all possible worlds.

See? Must have.

Key features

  • Integration with Samsung book cover keyboard (i.e. DeX function button)

  • Keyboard cover with a trackpad, cradle for S Pen and free-angle kick stand.

  • 5.7mm / 420g and uni-body design.

  • Ultra-wide-angle camera (up to 123 degree viewing angle, the same as the human eye).

  • Video editor – Adobe Premier Rush partnership

  • On-screen fingerprint scanner that works in portrait and landscape mode.

  • 81% faster performance CPU than Tab S4, 64% faster GPU than Tab S4.

  • 10.5-inch AMOLED display.

  • Quad speakers powered by AKG and Dolby Atmos.

  • New S Pen features:

    • Transparent note taking – use over video or on screen with adjustable opacity

    • Air Actions – control camera, video and mouse curser with customisable gestures.

    • Magnetised attachment

    • Redesigned comfortable grip.

    • Handwritten note-to-text conversion

    • Exporting notes to apps such as Microsoft Word

    • 10 minutes of charging = up to 10 hours of use

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