Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 ECG tracking comes to 31 more countries

Steve Dent
·Associate Editor
·1-min read

Samsung has announced that it’s expanding the ECG and blood pressure tracking features in its latest Galaxy Watch models to the UK and Europe, along with Chile, Indonesia and the UAE for 31 new countries in total. So far, the function has only been approved in South Korea and the US, so approval in the EU and other countries will make the app available to many more folks.

Users in those regions will get access to the Samsung Health Monitor app, which can be used with Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active 2 devices to monitor your blood pressure and ECG. The latter setting can tell you if your heart rhythm is normal (sinus) or beats irregularly (AFib). Meanwhile, the blood pressure sensor can tell you if your tension is too high, a sign of potential health issues.

We called the Galaxy Watch 3 “the best non-Apple smartwatch,” but health-wise, it’s arguably at least on par. Apple’s Watch has no built-in blood pressure monitoring capability, but the Galaxy Watch 3 (and the Watch Active 2) can do that using pulse wave analysis (after you calibrate it with a traditional cuff). Both offer ECG capability. The Health Monitor app, along with the ECG and blood pressure monitoring, will roll out to users starting February 4th.