Sam's Club's Brand New Food Court Item Has Shoppers Racing to Grab It

Move over Costco, Sam’s Club has entered the chat with a brand-new food court offering that is sure to awaken the joys of your inner child. Unfortunately, though, it will only be available for a limited time.

It doesn’t get much better than paying the food court a visit before venturing into Sam’s Club’s vast selection of groceries and home goods. And despite what you might hear from the bulk warehouse purists of the world, the menu selection is actually quite comparable to its cult-followed counterpart.

In honor of the summer season, and our collective love for all things hot dogs, membership holders can now try the new Cheddar Cheese Pork Hot Dog combo for only $1.38. This classic take on a summer frank is a welcomed pork alternative to the usual 100-percent beef franks that are normally found on the menu. Cooked separately from the rest of the hot dogs, these franks are injected with cheddar cheese before being served up on a soft bun and handed over to a mouthwatering patron.

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This new and exciting menu offering is only available for the month of July, so you’ll want to head to your local while there is still time. For those who feel the need to bring home the new pork offering in bulk form, however, worry not because Sam’s Club actually sells the Member’s Mark Cheddar Cheese Pork Franks in a 12-count package for your convenience.

“I bought a pack of these from the refrigerated section last week to take camping and we all enjoyed them,” one customer wrote online.

News of the new cheddar cheese pork hot dogs might not have reached every Sam’s Club Cafe location, though. In a post shared by Sam’s Club Members on Instagram, one shopper mentioned ordering the pork franks via the Sam’s Club app for pickup and the Cafe employees “didn’t know what it was.”

In any case, as the limited-time offering rolls out this month, there will be plenty of chances to get your fingers on one of these deliciously cheesy pork franks. Just prepare yourself for the potential frenzy of customers who will be just as antsy to try this perfectly summer-themed hot-and-ready snack before it’s gone for good.

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