Samantha Markle reveals she ignored Buckingham Palace ban

Allison Yee
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She’s the outspoken half-sister who continues to fuel the family drama that’s dogging Meghan Markle in the lead-up to her wedding.

Now, just days before Meghan and Prince Harry’s May 19 nuptials, Samantha Markle has revealed she deliberately ignored requests from Buckingham Palace not to speak to the media in a bid to set the record straight about members of their family.

Samantha Markle claimed she was contacted by Buckingham Palace and told not to speak to media – but she refused. Photo: Sunrise

“Early in the year we were asked not to speak to the public, but I’m pretty adamant about it,” Samantha told Sunrise.

“It was my observation that even family members who didn’t speak to the media were made fun of, they were taunted, they were photographed, they were insulted.

“I’m not giving them license for them to disparage me like that without at least levelling the playing field for intelligent minds. I have a right to get out there and say ‘This is the way it is, that’s not accurate.’”

Claiming the whole situation has “spun out of control”, Samantha confirmed her dad Thomas is currently prepping for heart surgery, following a heart attack last week.

The health concerns – along with a staged photo scandal that made headlines around the world – saw Meghan’s dad pull out of the wedding, and walking his daughter down the aisle.

Samantha and Meghan share a dad, but haven’t spoken in years. Photo: Sunrise

Despite later back flipping and confirming he would attend the wedding after his daughter sent him a heartfelt text, Thomas again changed his mind and will instead undergo surgery today.

“We’re really not sure at this point, everything about him being under an incredibly amount of stress is true,” said Samantha.

“I think we’re all hoping that he pulls through this now and can still go to the wedding.”

Meghan has been slammed with one family drama after another in the lead-up to her wedding to Harry. Photo: Getty

Samantha, who admits the last time she spoke with her estranged sister Meghan was in 2014 during a phone call, claims she has no regrets about speaking out the family’s personal matters.

“It’s really overwhelming, so no, I don’t regret feeling like I have a right to defend myself, and set records straight.

It was never money motivated… I wrote a book with a title that was controversial with the full intent of showing in the book that I was making a mockery of social labels.”

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