Samantha Jade spills on filming Celebrity Apprentice and turning down other reality TV shows

Samantha Jade spills on filming Celebrity Apprentice and turning down other reality TV shows.

Video transcript

SAMANTHA JADE: Oh, my God. Honestly, like, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I truly-- it was locked down and I got the offer and I said, no. I was like, no way because I kind of like-- I haven't done reality TV.

I feel like expect it's not really-- it is but it's a music show. It's very different. It's a very music- and singing-based show. So I was like, oh, OK, like, maybe I should look into this. I've never done this. Maybe that's fun.

So many thoughts. And then the fact that you can win money for your charity is, of course, what drove me to do it. I was like, oh, wow, because I perform at charity galas all the time, but that's what I do. I give-- like, that's my job.

But to actually like, you know, do the work, I was like, that could be really cool. So I was like I'm just going to throw myself in. We're in lockdown anyway. I should just do it.

And listen, I am glad I did it now but it was tough. It really was tough. It was not what I thought it would be at all.

Yeah, I think this one, it's felt different to me. I watched a little bit of-- obviously, last season. And I was like it's a classy show. It felt like not reality in a way. And I thought that was really nice.

I will never do something where I have to like eat spiders or like do crazy things like that because I just-- I mean, hats off to those people that can do it, but I can't. I'm just not that person.

But I thought, I can maybe do this one-- some tasks. I'm good if you give me a job. I can do it. Yeah, and I just thought I'll spare myself in the deep end, but it really was the charity aspect of it.

- Yeah, I mean, I can imagine you would have been asked to do "Dancing with the Stars," "I'm a Celebrity" like a million times, right? "Masked Singer," everything.

SAMANTHA JADE: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I think I've been asked to do them all. The funniest one was when SAS came to me. And I was like-- my manager was like, wha, I don't know if she'll-- I'll ask her.

And then it was on TV at the time. And it was Bonnie Anderson, who I love, who is just gorgeous-- she had to, like, fight someone. [LAUGHS] And she's like-- I was like, I could never do-- like, imagine if it was her. I love her. I couldn't do that I mean. I couldn't fight anyone. But I couldn't do-- I was like, no, that's what turned me off. I cannot [AUDIO OUT] away. [CHUCKLES]

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