Samantha Jade reveals the sweet meaning behind her new single 'Dance Again'

Samantha Jade reveals the sweet meaning behind her new single Dance Again.

Video transcript

SAMANTHA JADE: So I wrote it in lockdown. And, obviously, what are weird time that we were all--


--going through. And family are from Perth, so I hadn't seen them in so long. Every time I would book a trip, like, the Perth borders would close again. And I would-- literally, like, there were two times that I was in the car, on the way to the airport, and the borders would close.

I know. And it's, like, heartbreaking, especially when you haven't seen them in so long and all of the things that we were going through at the time. And I kind of had written in that time because we weren't allowed to dance. Remember that? [LAUGHS]

- Yeah.

SAMANTHA JADE: [AUDIO CUT-OUT] It sounds insane, to say it now.


SAMANTHA JADE: But it was a thing, you know? So I wrote it in that time. And I also drew inspiration because I was going through-- I suffer from anxiety a little bit. And I was kind of going through a bout of my anxiety.

And my mom, when she was sick-- my mom was a dancer from when she was three. She danced, her whole life. She loved to dance. It was what, like, singing does for me, just like a relief.

And when she got sick, basically, the cancer kind of went through her whole body. And she couldn't walk anymore. She couldn't use her legs, and so she was, like, bedridden for six months, until she passed away. And I just remember her being like--

She was still, like, dancing a little bit, you know, like, just the top of her body. And she'd make me dance around the room. She'd still put music on, and we'd have a little dance parties. And I thought about, like, you know, God, what am I complaining about, that I can't go out dancing and I can't-- at least I can dance around the room. She couldn't.

- Mm-hmm.

SAMANTHA JADE: And so, I wrote this song about, like, when you're going through moments and you're sad. And things seem like the world's going to end. It takes one thought or one thing to turn that around.