Why Samantha Jade quit Home and Away

Eliza Velk
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After winning Australian X Factor in 2012, Samantha Jade’s music career was absolutely thriving, only it turned out that wasn’t the only career path the singer was interested in.

The 31-year-old Aussie star also decided to pursue her passion for acting, taking to the popular soap show Home and Away in 2016 as bad girl Isla Schultz.

Samantha Jade reveals she couldn’t manage acting and singing at the same time. Source: Getty

However, speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Samantha revealed that trying to pursue an acting career and release an album at the same time became all too strenuous.

“When I was doing Home and Away and finishing my last album Nine at the same time, it was all just so much,” she said.

Samantha played Isla Schultz on the Aussie soap Home and Away. Source: Seven

Struggling to have the best of both worlds, Samantha decided to put her acting on hold when it came to producing her new album Best of My Love. 

She explained this time around, one hundred percent of her time was dedicated to her new disco record and its promotion.

The singer and actress is an all-rounded performer. Source: Getty

However, don’t think you’ve seen the last of Sammi on your screens.

Speaking to Be, the all-rounder star said she still hopes to make acting her next big focus.

Samantha Jade has since dedicated all of her time to new album Best Of My Love. Source: Getty

“Next I want to do more acting and make that my next focus because I’ve realised that acting and singing at the same time is a little hard, so once I’m done with this album I’d love to commit to a full acting project,” she said.

Although this time around, Sammi’s interested to go down the comedic route of acting.

“Movies would be great but actually, I would love to do something comedic, like a sitcom or something like that, I think that would be really fun.”

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