Sam and Tara's pregnancy surprise

Kristine Tarbert
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They’re our favourite Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds and now Tara Pavlovic and Sam Cochrane have revealed they can’t wait to start a family – and it almost happened already.

The engaged couple walked the runway at the Uber x Red Cross Farewell Fashion Show in Sydney last week, opening up afterwards about their future plans.

Speaking to Fairfax Media after the show, Sam revealed he would like to get hitched by the end of the year, although Tara said she would prefer more time to plan.

And not only is Sam keen to tie the knot, he is also be keen for babies.

“Uh ya, I’ll knock her up for sure,” he said.

Photo: Instagram/Tara Pavlovic

That’s when the interview took an almost comical turn when 28-year-old Tara revealed she thought at one stage that she was already expecting.

“I thought I was pregnant the other day, but I’m not. I did a test in secret,” Tara said.

Wait, what?” was Sam’s somewhat stunned response, according to the publication. 

I never told him, but P.S. babe, I’m not pregnant,” Tara reassured him.

Photo: Instagram/Tara Pavlovic

Sam went on to advise any ladies out there “if you buy a pregnancy test, maybe you should let your partner know you’ve done that.”

The couple were able to finally go public with their romance in April after having to keep their engagement secret, while the show finished on air.

Tara shared a cute snap of the pair holding hands in bed after the show’s finale aired and it was soo sweet.

Photo: Instagram/ Sam_cochrane

At the time Sam also shared a loving message dedicated to his future wife.

“You are the most beautiful human I’ve ever met,” he wrote on Instagram.

“You show me everyday that love is real. You allow me to be the guy I always wanted to be but never quite could until I found you.

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