Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – October 10 2019

Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow

If you want to “get stuff done” before Mercury retrograde starts, do it now! The Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow. That means whatever is happening now is like a foretaste of the issues likely to come up for you when we move into Mercury retrograde proper. So pay attention!

Your Daily Forecast

On a hot afternoon, before a storm rolls in, the sky is often dark and the air still. There is a sense of anticipation about a break in the weather. During these times, it’s better to be at home than it is to be out and about and getting caught in a storm. In your solar horoscope, there is a storm coming, and weather is set to change in potentially positive ways for you. Today, ground yourself by connecting to what you really want. This will help you make supportive choices later this week.

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