Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – December 31 2020

Yasmin Boland
·1-min read

T’was the night before New Year

Whatever else you do with what’s left of 2020, take the time to
1. 1. Make a list of what you’re LEAVING BEHIND (capitals for emphasis, if you get what I mean!)
2. 2. What you’re grateful for in 2020 (there will be something, of course!)
3. 3. Your top 3 wishes for 2021 – wish for feelings.
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Your year ahead – a summary

Embrace the new
You were born lucky. Your ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. And this year, just to add to the mix, you have a series of eclipses affecting your sign and your love zone. That means 2021 is going to be a year for you to change your life, if you so desire, and maybe even if you don’t. Don’t cling on to the past just because it seems safer. You’re a sign that was born to take adventures.

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