'Still perfectly useable!': 'Rich hood' toaster ad roasted online

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

What seemed like a simple ad for a second-hand toaster on Gumtree has been roasted online for highlighting how “the other half lives”.

The ad for a Sage smart 2 slice toaster - being sold in Bristol, UK, for £25.00 - was shared on Twitter along with the caption: “When you accidentally move into a rich ‘hood and get a little insight while searching for a local deal on used toasters, as to How The Other Half Lives.”

The toaster ad on Gumtree caused a stir. Photo: Gumtree

The ad describes the item as “fantastic”, adding that it makes the “perfect toast”. But it was the reason for why the sellers were getting rid of the $200-plus appliance that got people talking.

“Unfortunately the matching kettle stopped working properly so we purchase a new different brand 4 slice toaster and kettle,” the description read.

The Twitter user went on to reveal he had indeed decided to go and purchase the toaster - after “doing what I can to help by bartering them down” - where he made another discovery.

“So I went to collect the toaster and they gave me the 'broken' kettle as well, which was cosmetically damaged and still perfectly useable!” he added.

“So they entirely replaced the 200 quid matching pair, over cosmetic damage to one of them!”

Other Twitter users were quick to call out the ‘crazy’ reason for giving up the appliance, with some even sharing their own experience with a similar ‘waste’.

“Have a houseful of old Le Creuset from back when my parents worked in the Cotswolds and they discovered that the local charity shops had pretty much the entire range with the odd chip for £5 each... crazy what they throw away,” one person commented.

While another simply wrote: “Thoughts and prayers”.

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