Sadie Robertson Huff posts progress photo 10 months after having her baby: 'Not a bounce back'

Sadie Robertson Huff is celebrating her body 10 months after having her baby.

"Not a bounce back post..." she captioned a photo on Instagram showing off her flexed arm muscle, "a 10 months later post!"

The 24-year-old became a new mom when she gave birth to her daughter Honey in May 2021. Since then, the Ducky Dynasty alum has updated her Instagram followers about getting back into the gym and the progress that she's made to regain her strength.

Her most recent picture goes to show that getting results isn't immediate but instead takes a lot of effort and hard work.

"I want to share this bc I want to show that some things take time and hard work. Actually, most things do if you want to see significant impact!" she wrote. "We have a culture where we get to see the outcome of things, but rarely the process. It can make it seem like everything is just supposed to happen to you when you look around at peoples Insta pages. And if it doesn't come naturally to you, it can make you feel like something is wrong with you."

Huff has spoken at length about the unnecessary pressure and comparison that comes from social media in her latest book. She's also discussed social media's correlation to her own body image with Yahoo Life previously. In her mission to maintain authenticity on her own platform, she went on in her latest post to explain the dishonesty that can come with a seemingly perfect post.

"The truth is that there is a story behind every post, and a different [angle] behind every one that is shown," Huff continued. "Most things in life are just a process, and we all have to be brave enough to start the things we are scared to start!"

What allowed Huff to begin her own journey with wellness was letting go of the idea of what fitness needed to look like or consist of.

"For a long time I didn’t think I could be the girl super into fitness because I had excuses like, 'I’m too busy' 'I'm a mom' 'I travel so much' 'I have to work' all the things. But the reality was I just didn't want to make time for it. It was intimidating," she wrote. "Finally, I decided I would just commit to going to a cross fit style gym 2 days a week early in the morning, and the rest of the days I'll just be active by being a mom, going on walks, or playing tennis. And that's what I'm still doing!!"

Huff said that results weren't immediate but that she started to feel better over time without "hitting [the gym] 5 days a week and making epic protein smoothies." Instead, her personalized routine allowed her to take the time she needed as a mom to challenge herself and to create a regimen that she could stick with.

"I think we, as a culture, tend to desire the things that take hard work, but don't want to actually dedicate the time to see the reward of it! Things take dedication, commitment, and [intentionality]. Those words aren’t 'fun' but they do lead to the fun stuff," she said. "Start it and stick with it friends! You'll be proud you did!"

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