Kings flying to India for preseason games on Drake’s $185 million plane

Drake is letting the Kings use his private jet to fly to India for a pair of preseason games against the Pacers. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press/AP)

Luke Walton and the Sacramento Kings won’t be using a normal airline when they jet off to India this week for a pair of preseason games.

They’ll be using “Air Drake.”

The Kings will be using Drake’s massive Boeing 767-200ER plane for their trip to Mumbai for two preseason games against the Indiana Pacers, something that will undoubtedly make the lengthy trek over the Pacific Ocean much more comfortable.

“They wanted to get the best available option and they nailed it,” Walton said, via The Athletic. “I haven’t been on the plane but I’ve seen it. I made sure we saved some of those seats for some of the coaching staff, not just the players.”

Drake, the Grammy Award-winning Canadian rapper, unveiled his custom plane earlier this year — which features his “OVO” owl logo plastered on the side.

The plane actually used to be a cargo jet, though was completely redone for the rapper. It’s reportedly worth $185 million.

“I’ve seen pictures. I’ve seen some videos … It’s definitely a cool plane from the outside in,” Kings guard De’Aaron Fox said, via the Sacramento Bee. “It’s dope. If y’all haven’t seen the inside of the plane, y’all have to see it.”

Kings big man Marvin Bagley — who, like fellow NBA player Damian Lillard, raps in his free time — said he may have use his time on the flight to come up with some new tracks.

After all, when you’re on Drake’s plane, that move would only make sense.

“I might have to write another album on that 18-hour flight,” Bagley said, via NBC Sports’ James Ham. “It’s going to be a long one. I’m definitely going to have my pen and pad ready.”

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