Ryan Gosling's Response to the Famous Cereal Meme is Hilarious


Ryan Gosling finally responded to the famous cereal memes during a Twitter Q&A. Photo: Getty Images

In important Ryan Gosling news, the Drive star has changed the Internet with just one tweet.

During a Twitter Q&A for his new film Lost River, the 34-year-old actor decided to debunk the rumour that he doesn't like cereal - made famous by a series of memes first created by Ryan McHenry.

Responding to McHenry's Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal meme, Gosling tweeted:

Well, this changes everything.


In 2013, McHenry told Metro UK, "As a filmmaker, I like to have a conclusion to things. The only conclusion I can see out of this whole thing is to have Ryan Gosling respond to this."

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Though Gosling's response probably isn't quite what McHenry was hoping for, he's still hopeful they can be friends.

Meanwhile, the Crazy, Stupid Love star was also busy rejecting dozens of marriage proposals during his Q&A session. If there's one thing fans were dying to #AskRyan, it's for the heartthrob to accompany them down the aisle. Who could blame them?

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