Rude shop sign slammed – but do you agree?

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

They’re known for their cheeky and irreverent merchandise, but one Victorian shop owner has had enough of gift store Typo’s tactics, slamming their campaigns and the language used in their promo material.

Homewares shop owner Frith Cheatley took to Instagram with a snap of Typo’s advertising, with a large sign reading “The F*cking Huge Sale” hung in a store window.

The Geelong owner of Thule Trading slammed the company, writing, “Really Cotton On /Typo?!”

“For a company in their position I think disappointing and irresponsible use of their power and branding.”

Claiming that the shopping mall is frequented by teens, who gather there for a “sense of family”, Frith says using swear words in such a blasé way for the purpose of branding makes no sense to her.

“I’ve seen beautiful cards for Typo’s original 10-15year old market sit along side cards with slogans such as ‘Keep calm and rock on with your c**k out’ and ‘Happy f***ing birthday’,” Frith added.

“School kids are encouraged to read signs to improve their reading skills. Walking past Cotton On / Typo on school holidays, Cotton On appears to condone and normalise the use of an inappropriate word.”

Typo is known for it’s cheeky range of giftware. Photo: Instagram/typoshop

The photo has divided social media, with some siding with Frith.

“Totally agree with you,” wrote one supporter. “Shock value has long gone with those words – it’s just rudeness.”

“So well put completely agree,” added another parent. “My 13 year old loves typo and we are both often outraged & offended – sad really that it continues.”

Meanwhile others claim the company is simply using language that is commonplace in society today.

“The phrasing and whatnot is relatable, and part of our life now,” argued one commenter.

“I think it’s time to accept the times that we live in, move on from prehistoric views and move comfortably into the future without judging others.”

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