The rude questions women get asked, but men never do

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

When it comes to society nowadays, we’ve certainly come a long way in the equality sphere with men and women.

However let’s face it, women still face sexism daily and there are some things we can be asked which men never have to deal with.

Let’s take female Hollywood celebrities, they’re consistently questioned about their appearances but for men, it’s a whole different story.

In a recent Reddit thread, women have detailed the questions they get asked, which men most likely don’t.

Whenever I’m without my kids people are always asking if their dads ‘babysitting’? What the f***, no,” one mum wrote. “He’s just, you know, parenting.” 

Others noted how they were asked questions about being “alone”.

“I’ve been asked if I live alone by the cable guy and furniture deliverer,” one woman detailed. “Driving a few miles upstate to visit a friend, the gas station clerk asked if I was driving alone.

“Weirds me out.”

Another posted how her pizza delivery man asked her about living by herself.

“That question instantly makes me suspicious and I get versions of it frequently,” she said. “I pretty much always lie, especially if someone asks me if I live alone (like the pizza guy last night wtf dude).”

To top it off, some female commenters posted about their experience of men asking why they weren’t wearing makeup.

“You haven’t been wearing makeup recently, are you depressed?” one person wrote.

Many others echoed the same sentiment detailing the many times they had been asked, “Why don’t you wear makeup?”

Oh dear, oh dear.

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