Shopper spots rude Peppa Pig fail

Kristine Tarbert
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A character from popular children’s TV series Peppa Pig is looking a little out of sorts in a rather rude image that has gone viral online.

Reddit user WindTheFrog shared a photo of a yoghurt label featuring Peppa Pig character Suzy Sheep, after spotting something unusual about it.

“Didn’t know Peppa Pig World bordered Springfield nuclear power station. Really hoping that is an actual third leg,” the user captioned the post.

Something’s not right with this print. Photo: Reddit

Instead of the usual innocent face recognised by children across the globe, the version of Suzy was sporting a third eye and rather awkwardly placed extra leg.

“At first I thought this was just the join in the label… but isn’t that off to the right. Is the poor creature actually printed like that,” one person commented.

“That’s quite disturbing,” another said.

Damn, Suzy Sheep is hung,” wrote another, referring to the ‘extra leg’ 

What Suzy Sheep is meant to look like. Photo: Twitter

This newest visual of a poor Peppa character comes after the Peppa Pig’s ‘real’ face was revealed in April, and it wasn’t pretty.

Parents dubbed it ‘the stuff of nightmares’ after an illustrator shared on Twitter what Peppa Pig would look like if shown front on.

In the television series the character is only ever seen in profile, with one rosy cheek and both her eyes visible, while her body remains facing forward.

But someone then decided to get creative and draw Peppa’s rather not flattering front angle and parents are shocked by the almost ‘mutant-looking’ result.

One person was kind enough to explain the likely reason for the mishap.

“Printing error. The image has been overlaid on itself,” was one comment.

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