‘Doodle chef!’: Shoppers’ shock at rude logo on kitchen appliance

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
'Can you see a problem?' one keen-eyed Facebook user asked. Photo: Facebook.

A seemingly inoffensive kitchen appliance has left shoppers in stitches after they discovered a rude not-so-hidden detail in its logo.

The orange design on Mistral’s ‘Pastry Chef Snack Maker’ appears safe enough until you get to what we suppose was intended to be a stylised picture of a chef’s hat.

Except it doesn’t look like something one would sport on their head at all.

Take a closer look, can you spot it?

Yep, it looks like a, well... read on and you’ll find out.

Hidden image

One Facebook user shared a snap of the design gaffe, causing a flood of humorous - and, fair warning, rather explicit - reactions in the comments section.

“Doodle chef!!!,” one commented gleefully.

“Pie wang,” added another.

“It’s willy cool,” joked one.

“Haha pastry dicks, my fave!” said another.

One user simply left the highly suggestive eggplant emoji in lieu of a comment.

Some wondered how the x-rated design could have slipped through so many hands before it ended up on shelves.

“How do things like this manage to pass all the inspection they must go through and no one pick it up?!” they asked.

Shoppers’ share their shock at a rude logo on a seemingly inoffensive kitchen appliance. Photo: Facebook.

Others admitted they couldn’t even discern what the logo was supposed to resemble in the first place.

“Took me ages to figure out it’s meant to be a chef’s hat,” one remarked.

The unintentionally phallic design certainly gives new meaning to the warning, ‘Caution: Hot Surfaces’.

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