Royal wedding celebrated around the world

Ryan Wilkinson

From Moscow to New York, Johannesburg to Ibiza, royal watchers around the world have attended parties to celebrate the wedding of Harry and Meghan.

In the Russian capital there was applause at St Andrew's Anglican Church as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were declared husband and wife by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Rev Canon Malcolm Rogers said about 200 people of different nationalities, roughly two thirds of them Russian, were at the church less than a kilometre from the Kremlin.

"The talk (by Rev Michael Curry) received applause - and people were a bit amused by how congregation looked during the address," he said.

"People applauded when the declaration of marriage was made... . It's really quite special to watch service in a church setting with Brits, US citizens, Russians and people from around the world.

"In the current tensions, especially here in Moscow, it is a great thing to bring us together - perhaps an example of the power of love spoken about by the preacher."

Across the Atlantic, it was an early start for those heading to the British International School of New York for a bash fit for a prince and princess.

Their royal wedding viewing party began at 6.30am, but the promise of a ride on a carousel, a chance to pet a "royal" pony and dance around a maypole meant 300 children - and adults - had RSVPd.

Free and open to the public, attendees at the Waterside Plaza in Manhattan were watching the events unfold on big screens.

Nearly 9000km away from Windsor, in South Africa, organisers of a party for up to 5000 people had put up decorations ahead of the ceremony.

As well as the champagne, there were Union flag cupcakes and even bagpipe players.

Meanwhile, on the island of Ibiza, Stuart and Natalie Beckwith were opening early at the Queen Vic pub in Santa Eulalia.

"All the Brits that are over here on holiday love the royal family and they want to watch it and celebrate," Beckwith said.

"We want the Brits to know that even over here we still like to get involved."

And nearly 19,300km from Windsor Castle, revellers at the Pegasus Arms in Christchurch, New Zealand, had planned an extravagant evening of celebration.

"We've got an amazing wedding DJ who will be pumping out some romantic tunes, an awesome New Zealand comedian from Christchurch - Shay Horay. He'll be making an entrance at 8pm dressed as the Queen - with stuffed corgi," owner Alex Brackstone said before the festivities began.