The royal butler reveals why a duchess is a higher title to hold than a princess

Sarah Carty
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While many kids may dream of becoming a princess, it seems they should be aiming for a duchess title.

According to the royal butler, Paul Burrell, who worked closely with Princess Diana when she lived at the palace, a royal duchess is more prestigious than a princess and that’s why the Queen gives her grandsons duke titles at their weddings.

Speaking on Kiss FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show, Paul said Meghan Markle will likely become the Duchess of Sussex when she marries Prince Harry on Saturday, making her a Royal Highness.

The royal butler Paul Burrell has revealed the different between a princess and a duchess. Photo: Getty Images

“Both boys are princes but their grandmother elevated them to a royal duke the day before they got married, so actually technically Kate and Meghan will not become princesses, they’ll become royal duchesses, which is a higher grade. They’ll be upgraded,” Paul said.

“Princess is a royal title but a royal title is a very big thing. So, she will become a royal duchess.”

Indeed, the queen bestowed Prince William with the title of the Duke of Cambridge on his wedding day in July 2011, making his new wife, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Paul went on to say that he believes Meghan won’t wear white on her big day but she will give a subtle nod to Princess Diana in her dress.

He went on to say that strapless is big no-no when it comes to royal wedding dresses and believes Meghan will have a long train so it can fill the massive aisle.

He also believes Meghan won’t wear an off-the-shoulder dress but she will have a long train and a veil. Photo: Getty Images

Despite rumours that the Spice Girls would be performing at the Forgmore House reception, Paul believes they would be a ‘tacky’ choice and think somebody like Elton John would be more appropriate.

As for what the queen would think about the whole Markle debacle happening at the moment with the bride-to-be’s estranged family, Paul said she wouldn’t be used to such drama.

While Her Majesty and Prince Philip have had disagreements in the past, Paul claims he never once heard her swearing.

“There were raised voices but I’ve never heard the Queen use bad language. Prince Philip yes, but the queen is such a lady, she’s above that,” he said.

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