Roxy Jacenko's intense year without Oliver Curtis

Alicia Vrajlal

It has been quite a year for PR maven Roxy Jacenko since husband Oliver Curtis was sent to prison last June for insider trading.

From a shocking cancer diagnosis, to juggling sole parenting and keeping her business afloat, the 37-year-old mother-of-two has got to grips with life on her own.

It's also been 12 months during which Roxy's social media following has increased, with her weight loss journey, lavish holidays, cute children and posts featuring no wedding ring getting people clicking and talking.

It has been quite a year for PR maven Roxy Jacenko since husband Oliver Curtis was sent to prison last June for insider trading. Source: Getty

After she was by her husband's side when he was sentenced to jail for insider trading last year, the backlash she received for "making the courtroom a catwalk" was only the start of the bad news.

Less than a month later she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and admitted she asked five-year-old daughter Pixie to feel the cancerous lump in her breast when she first discovered it at home.

"The timing is extraordinary," she told The Daily Telegraph of her diagnosis at the time.

Roxy has been on her own since husband Oliver Curtis sent to prison, the Sydney-based PR queen continuing to run her business, while looking after her two young children. Source: Instagram
Less than a month later she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and admitted she asked five-year-old daughter Pixie to feel the cancerous lump in her breast when she first discovered it at home. Source: 60 Minutes

"What I have experienced in the past three weeks is the most shocking thing I have ever experienced," she continued.

“I am heartbroken but the reality of it is if this [Oliver going to prison] hadn’t have happened, there is nothing to say I wouldn’t have got this [cancer]."

She has had her daughter Pixie, five, and son Hunter, three giving her great company. Source: Instagram
Following her cancer diagnosis, she said it was more important than ever to focus on her health and fitness. Source: Instagram
Roxy filmed Hunter and Pixie singing 'Happy Birthday' to Oliver last August while he was in jail. Source: Instagram

Roxy chose to share her cancer journey with the cameras, as a 60 Minutes crew followed her into surgery.

She described herself as a 'single mum' in the interview and said that she didn't want to let her children down.

“It is what it is. I’m unfortunately the person who has got the cancer, my husband is in jail and I’m now a single mother,” she said on the program.

During her Christmas break with family in Hawaii last December, Roxy showed off the bikini results of her 10kg weight loss. Source: Instagram.
Roxy and her daughter Pixie on the beach in Hawaii Source: Instagram

During and following her radiation treatment, she has continued to have the support of her mother Doreen, as well as her Sweaty Betty PR employees.

In fact, keeping a focus on her business has got Roxy through some of the harder times.

Not only has she continued to manage a high-profile list of clients, but she has conducted two "In Conversation" speaking events, sharing her "Tips and Tricks" for making it in the cut-throat PR and social media industry.

Fans have noticed Roxy not wearing her wedding ring in many social media snaps, whether they were taken at the gym or not. Source: Instagram / roxyjacenko
In March the PR powerhouse sets the record straight on The Morning Show, saying

However when speaking at her In Conversation With Roxy Jacenko event at The Westin Sydney in May, she told an audience of hundreds: "'My business took a hit last year and that was off the back of all the drama surrounding me with my husband’s sentencing and my cancer".

Also taking some time to work on her health and fitness has been high on Roxy's priority list.

Choosing to spend the Christmas period abroad with her kids and mother Doreen, Roxy was seen showing off the results of a 10kg weight loss while in Hawaii over the festive holiday.

Speaking previously to Be last year, Roxy said she keeps herself looking and feeling great with a combo of frequent workouts and a sashimi-based diet.

Roxy said you

After her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery, she said it's more important than ever to look after her health and overall wellbeing.

"I train at 8am, ideally I would love to go earlier but by the time I get the kids organised 8am is the earliest I can get in there, from there it's straight to work - I am at my desk by 9:15am latest daily," Roxy explained to Be.

"Exercise is one part but the diet is realistically what is so important also. I live on a sashimi/sushi diet mostly."

Roxy, Pixie and Hunter in Hong Kong. Source: Instagram
Oliver wasn't there for Pixie's first day at school, but Roxy was by her little girl's side for the special moment. Source: Instagram
Pixie Curtis attended her first day of school in February. Photo: Instagram
Selfies in the lift before the big day. Photo: Instagram

And it's not just her healthy figure that fans began to notice on social media, but also the fact that she wasn't wearing her wedding ring in many snaps.

When speaking to Be in February, the businesswoman explained it was difficult to workout with rings on at the gym.

"Can't train in diamonds," she said at the time.

She has worked hard on her business Sweaty Betty PR and conducted two

Meanwhile reports emerged that Roxy was planning to split with Oliver upon his jail release.

A source told The Sunday Telegraph that Roxy had the whole thing "worked out in her head".

"She has said that once Oli is out, she will end it," the insider said.

During one of her In Conversation events, she admitted her public relations firm Sweaty Betty PR suffered last year due to

"She has been preparing for it for a while now."

But in an interview with Channel Seven's The Morning Show in March, the PR guru discussed the rumours surrounding her marriage.

“There’s commotion, but there’ll always be commotion in my life. It’s the way its always been,” she the show’s hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.

Roxy recently said her two children are her best friends. Source: Instagram
She was spotted getting close with ex Nabil Gazal in Sydney recently. Source: Matrix

“Yes, he’s in jail, but it is what it is. I just keep going,” she continued. “I’ve got problems, but they’re very minimal compared to other people out there.”

“I don’t know who goes to the gym with their jewellery on,” Roxy said with a laugh when asked about not wearing her ring. “I definitely put a face on because there’s always a few good looking boys in the gym.”

“I’m still married. No marriage is ever perfect,” she added. “Mine’s challenged because of the situation that we’re in, but Ollie’s a wonderful father and I’ve got my rings on. I just don’t wear them to the gym. But all is fine.”

Self-care has been important for Roxy, and she recently bought herself a lavish early birthday present. Source: Instagram
The blonde beauty bought a Ferrari. Source: Instagram

In May pictures surfaced of Roxy and her ex-boyfriend Nabil Gazal hugging and kissing at a party held at his luxury apartment.

The friendly exes, who split in 2010 after a "serious relationship", had been seen together several times since Oliver was jailed for insider trading last June.

Roxy declined to comment to Be after photos were published by Daily MailAustralia.

On Friday morning Roxy was spotted arriving at Cooma with her two children via private jet, ready to greet Oliver as he was released after a year behind bars.

Speaking of luxuries, she also recently had an extravagant refurbishment of her office. Source: Instagram
She has had her close pals supporting her during and outside of work. Source: Instagram
Her friends, including some of her dedicated Sweaty Betty PR employees, have been right by her side through thick and thin. Source: Instagram

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