Roxy Jacenko puts her toddler to bed at 11pm

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Roxy Jacenko is undoubtedly one of the most busy, working mothers in Australia and of course, one of the most famous.

The 38-year-old juggles her empire, which includes Sweaty Betty and Pixie’s Bows, both which take up a large chunk of her time.

Roxy Jacenko has revealed she puts 4-year-old Hunter to bed at 11.00pm some nights so that she can spend quality time with him. Source: Instagram/roxyjacenko

In an interview with 9Honey, Roxy has revealed that she allows her son, Hunter, four, to go to bed at 11pm – all in the aide of good old quality time.

“Putting your kid to bed at seven o’clock becomes something that you don’t want to do – because if you do that, then you don’t spend time with them,” Roxy revealed.

“So I sort of let Hunter go to bed later and later and later. Poor Hunty, I dress him while he’s sleeping.”

Roxy does admit that the “unusual schedule might not suit everyone” and that “the reality is there’s no set formula.”

“It has to be what works for you as a parent and what works for your kids,” she said.

Roxy admits that her children are tired in the morning, however she’s glad they get to spend time together because it makes them happy.

Roxy was also in the spotlight this week for the LAVISH birthday party she threw for her young son.

In an exclusive chat with Be, Roxy defended her decision to throw the party.

“Last year for Hunter was sad not to have his Dad around,” she said, referring to the fact Oliver Curtis missed their son’s previous birthday because he was serving time in prison.

Roxy, pictured here with husband Oliver Curtis and Hunter, has revealed why her son Hunter’s 4th birthday party was special. Source: Instagram/RoxyJacenko

“And I know for Oli he felt very bad to let him down,” she continued. “So it was of course great to have Oli with us this year.”

Event planning is really what Roxy does best, so we don’t blame her for giving her kids such a unique opportunity!

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