Roxy Jacenko on Candice Warner's 'devastating' miscarriage

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Roxy Jacenko has opened up about her good friend Candice Warner’s recent miscarriage, describing it as “devastating”.

Candice recently revealed she had lost a child during the cricket scandal that engulfed her hubby David earlier this year, with the PR maven saying the mum-of-two was in “shock” from the traumatic experience.

“For a woman to have a miscarriage, it’s very, very devastating and I know for Candice and David, they had been trying for some time,” she told the Daily Mail Australia. 

Roxy Jacenko, pictured at an event in Sydney in April, has opened up about her friend Candice Warner’s recent miscarriage describing it as “devastating”. Source: Getty

Roxy went on to say that her friend desperately wants a “big family” adding that the stress of the cricket scandal — in which Australian vice-captain David confessed to tampering with balls to win matches — would have “contributed” to the miscarriage.

“Obviously she had been through personal issues whichS,” Roxy told the publication. 

Candice, seen here returning to Sydney with her husband David after his ball-tampering scandal, admitted last month she had a miscarriage not long after. Source: Getty

It’s not the first time Roxy, 39, has spoken out about Candice’s ordeal, telling Be in March that she was “doing as well as can be expected given the situation”. 

Roxy — who is also a mum-of-two — had previously been spotted at the press conference where David admitted fault, clearly supporting her friend.

Roxy was seen supporting Candice through the press conference in which David admitted and apologised for his role in the cricket scandal. Source: Channel Nine News

Last month, Candice told the Australian Women’s Weekly she had suffered a “heartbreaking” miscarriage just a week after David apologised for his role in the ball-tampering scandal.

“I was bleeding. We knew I was miscarrying. We held one another and cried,” she told the magazine. “The miscarriage was a tragic consequence, a heartbreaking end to a horror tour.”

Despite everything that has happened, Roxy insists the pair are trying to stay “positive” and that they even attended her 38th birthday last week.

Roxy said the family were remaining “positive” as things settle down, seen here in a post on David’s social media recently. Source: Instagram/DavidWarner

“Everyone has challenges,” she said. “Candice and David are no different, they’ve just lived through them publicly.” 

That’s something Roxy is sure to be able to relate to, with her husband Oliver serving a year in prison after being convicted of fraud in 2016.

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