Ron DeSantis's Painfully Awkward Smile Is Going Viral, And It Really Does Gets Funnier Every Time

Last night, the GOP held a Trump-less debate with eight Republican nominee hopefuls.

Screenshot from the Republican debate
The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images

One moment is the standout moment in terms of "that's definitely going to become a meme."

Closeup of Ron DeSantis speaking during the debate
Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

That moment is Ron DeSantis trying to smile:

"Be sure to smile Ron at the end of the debate to try and dispel the notion you're cold and robotic."Ron Desantis:

— ☢️Nuka🫥 (@CoolNuka) August 24, 2023

Fox/ Twitter: @CoolNuka

As this person said, "He's malfunctioning already."

He’s malfunctioning already.

— Nagatha Christie (@WOlookingitup) August 24, 2023

Fox/Twitter: @WOlookingitup

Another person compared it to taking a dump.

Ron Desantis tries to smile and looksLike hes taking a dump. #GOPDebate

— lbream (@lbream) August 24, 2023

Fox/Twitter: @lbream

And this person described it as simply "hideous."

That smile by Ron DeSantis at the end was so hideous. My God. #GOPDebate

— SUJ 🦬 (@SujOfficial) August 24, 2023

Twitter: @SujOfficial

My timeline is filled with the moment.

The delay of him trying to smile is insane???

— Keith Edwards (@keithedwards) August 24, 2023

Fox/Twitter: @keithedwards

I'm seeing comparisons to Wednesday Addams.

Ron DeSantis trying to smile

— Rebecca ( Fachner (@rebecca_fachner) August 24, 2023

Warner Bros/ Twitter: @rebecca_fachner

They're calling him Chandler Bing.

He’s weird. He’s a robot. I’d never want to have a beer with him. He smiles like Chandler Bing did when you take his picture…And I’d want him as my president in a heartbeat. Let’s go, @RonDeSantis !

— Tball_15 (@tball_15) August 24, 2023

NBC/ Twitter: @tball_15

And this person's comparison to an 8th grader's yearbook pic with braces is pretty spot on:

Ron DeSantis’ debate smile looks like he’s taking his 8th grade yearbook photo and he’s a little nervous about his new braces

— Mackenzie Moore (@_Mack_Moore) August 24, 2023

Twitter: @_Mack_Moore

Anyway, this is destined to become a meme.


— Brodes (@_Brodes) August 24, 2023

Fox/Twitter: @_Brodes

It's already beginning...

yeah Pepsi is fine

— Adam Smith (@asmith83) August 24, 2023

Fox/ Twitter: @asmith83