Romance Was Born Australian Fashion Week 2010

Jade Warne
marie claire

Arriving under the sandstone clock tower of Sydney University on a starry Sydney night, guests were greeted by velvet cloaked attendants and led to a glittering runway misted in incense, shimmering with primordial power.

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For Australian Fashion Week spring/summer 2010, the two reincarnated prehistoric creatures during the age of reason for a collection titled Dinosaur Renaissance.

"[It's about] time travel and forming a portal between the Jurassic era and the birth of the Renaissance; dinosaurs coming back and the lower class rising up and being able to wear what they want," Sales explained backstage.

The concept translated into a mind-boggling array of fabulous and fantastic garb - including power-shouldered shift dresses, brooch studded hot pants and digital print knee-high boots.

Words can barely capture the jaw-dropping creativity that saw Tiah Eckhardt flanked by triceratops-inspired green peplums or Louise Van De Vorst encased in a glowing volcano.

Even more impressive was the audience reaction: hundreds of foot-sore editors whooping and cheering like school children. And when Madonna's "Like a Prayer" played for the finale, fatigue took a back seat to jubilation as the room erupted with joyous applause.

Backstage Plunkett confessed she felt like she'd just given birth. Indeed the moment heralded the arrival of Australia's newest fashion superstars. Bravo.

Rosemount Australia Fashion Week 2010 was on May 3 - 7 in Sydney.

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Images: Six 6 Photography. Text: Jade Warne