Terri Irwin spills on Robert's love life

Eliza Velk
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We’re all familiar with Bindi Irwin’s adorable relationship with boyfriend Chandler Powell, but what’s happening with her brother Robert Irwin’s love life?

Much to the embarrassment of 14-year-old Robert, a family appearance on Access Live lead to his mum Terri revealing that he gets a fair bit of attention from girls. 

Robert Irwin’s mum Terri says she is on the look out for potential girls he may be interested in. Source: Getty

“Yes, well, they are only human,” Terri joked about the girls who have expressed interest in the young Steve Irwin look-a-like. 

“I do love watching him growing up and having a passion for photography. There’s a lot of young girls that love photography as well,” she continued. 

Meanwhile, like a typical teenager, Robert is caught mid-blush shaking his head at his mum’s comments.

Robert was caught blushing and shaking his head like a typical teen embarrassed by his mum. Source: Access

Terri admits she’ll give the good old nudge-nudge when she spots a girl she thinks might be suitable, but it seems her son isn’t keen to date at this stage.

“I’ll be like, ‘she’s kinda cute,'” she said.

“And he’ll be like, ‘Yeah she has a Canon Eos mark 1 thing with an f2.8 dealymabobber and an awesome ISO,'” she went on. “And I’m like, ‘Wow good for her.”‘

Terri Irwin joked that if a ‘girl’s got a camera, she’s in’. Source: Access

Robert then tried to explain more about photography but his mum and sister were having too much fun playfully teasing him about his dating life.

“That’s Robert’s real love in life right now, and his focus,” Bindi teased, talking about his passion for photography. 

Terri then continued the joke saying, “if a girl’s gotta camera, she’s in”.

Robert certainly cops the banter from his mum and sister. Source: Getty

Poor Robert really cops it during the segment, something that must happen a lot considering he’s growing up with two females. Luckily he takes it like a champ, laughing along with them.

Although, if this is what they are like now, who knows how embarrassing they might be when a girl really does step in the scene.

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