Robb Recommends: The Body Wash and Moisturizer Combo That Amplifies Your Cologne

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It was a smart move for Escentric Molecules, the fragrance house behind the blockbuster scent Molecule 01, to launch its new body care line so close to Father’s Day. Around this time of year, it’s hard to avoid those cheaply packaged combinations of cologne, body wash, and lotion or aftershave, weakly scented with a low proportion of actual fragrance.

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But the company’s new body wash and body lotion flip the script on that paradigm. For one thing, they’re richly packaged and available as individual products. For another, they work really, really well—and fragrance lovers will appreciate that they’ve got relatively high doses of perfume oil in every bottle. And because this brand is based on the ultimate fragrance-amplifying chemical, Iso E Super, the scent will last for hours on end.

Review: Escentric Molecules's New Body Wash and Lotion Are a Joy
Review: Escentric Molecules's New Body Wash and Lotion Are a Joy

Escentric 03 Body Wash

Buy Now on Escentric Molecules: $55

I’ve been using the soap and lotion based on Escentric 03 for close to two weeks now, and in that time I’ve been impressed with how well the cleanser lathers. It’s housed in a matte bottle, which makes it easy to hold onto if your hands happen to be wet. The formulation includes lactic acid, and I’ve observed that it helps with smoothing away rough patches of dry skin. There’s also betaine, a sugar beet-derived ingredient that can help your skin hold onto water. Of course, you’ll need an actual lotion to stop that water from escaping, and Escentric Molecules delivers with its moisturizer. It goes on like spreadable velvet, and given that its formula includes shea butter and castor seed oil, that’s no surprise.

Review: Escentric Molecules's New Body Wash and Lotion Are a Joy
Review: Escentric Molecules's New Body Wash and Lotion Are a Joy

Escentric 03 Body Lotion

Buy Now on Escentric Molecules: $65

When I use both products, I’ve found that I smell great even when I don’t wear a fragrance, but the effect is even more pronounced when I put on a cologne that has complimentary notes. Escentric 03 features lots of green notes, as well as jasmine buds and vetiver. Pairing it with Diptyque’s tea-rich fragrance Tempo is a game-changing combination.

The one thing I’d change if I could is the quantity of body wash on offer. There are only 200ml in the bottle, and for $55, I think you should get more product. Aesop gives you more than twice as much for less. But perhaps this is another strategy: Training us, the consumers, to recognize that just as there are special-occasion outfits and scents, there may also be a reason to save great body washes for the moments when how you smell really counts.

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