Rob Thomas' Sweet Birthday Wish for His Senior Dog Brings All the Feels

Matchbox Twenty frontman and Grammy award winning singer Rob Thomas recently shared a beautiful social media tribute to his precious rescue dog Ollie on for the mixed breed dog's 15th birthday.

In 2016, this beautiful pup was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in his right eye so I'm sure every birthday is so meaningful to the star and his family.

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Thomas posted on Instagram, "Happy 15 to my best friend, Ollie. A couple times we were told we weren’t going to have you here with us but you’ve beaten every odd, little redhead. Happy Birthday. You’re the best boy."

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Thomas and his wife Marisol Maldonado founded The Sidewalk Angels Foundation about twenty years ago. The Sidewalk Angels Foundation is dedicated to providing critically needed funds and support to over 20 no-kill animal shelters and animal rescues, across the country, that help to fight for the rights and fair treatment of those with no voice.

In 2020. Thomas spoke to People magazine about his own rescue pups and The Sidewalk Angels, "But then they both turned out to have special needs," he adds. "They both turned out to require medications multiple times a day, and eye drops, and eye visits, and they have cancer, and epilepsy, and heart disease. I'm really glad that we were the ones that found them because we love them and we don't mind taking care of them and we have the resources to be able to do that, which a lot of people don't. It goes back to the need for places like Humane Society and for Sidewalk Angels to try and bridge those gaps between what you can and cannot do to help the ones that you love."

Congratulations sweet Ollie on another year around the sun with your owners who love you so much.

Ways To Honor Your Fur Baby On Their Birthday

Dogs are a cause for celebration!<p>Shutterstock/Ljupco Smokovski</p>
Dogs are a cause for celebration!

Shutterstock/Ljupco Smokovski

I'm of the belief that almost any day can be a celebration if you just think about it long enough. Taco Tuesday! Arbor Day! You-Folded-All-Your-Laundry-And-Put-It-Away-Day!

Celebrations, even small ones, are what makes this life meaningful and creating memories is just the best. And our fur babies deserve a celebration to honor all the fun, joy and love they give us throughout the year.

There are so many ways you can celebrate your pet's birthday. You can write a meaningful social media post. You can have a total blowout party with all your friends and family, decorations, a dog friendly cake, a human cake, games and guests of all of the dogs that belong to your human guests.

You can do something as simple as taking your dog to the pet supply store and letting them pick out a new toy or treat. You can do a celebratory photo shoot with props like a birthday hat and balloons. You can go on an extra long walk, cuddle with them on the sofa, or simply tell them what they mean to you.

I think one of the most meaningful and kindest ways of celebrating your pet's birthday is making a donation to the shelter they came from of either money or some dedicated volunteer hours.

Our pets give us so much during their lives, so much love, companionship, laughter and joy. Celebrating them just makes sense.