Rob Irwin breaks down on Sunrise over bushfire crisis

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Robert couldn't hide his distress as the dup spoke about the devastation. Photo: Seven

The Irwin’s have been wearing their hearts on their khaki sleeves while talking about the impact of the Australian bushfires, and 16-year-old Rob is no exception.

Appearing on Sunrise on Monday morning the teenage conservationist became audibly choked up when discussing the devastation left by the bushfires.

Appearing with mother Terri Irwin, Rob discussed the family’s Australia Zoo hospital, which has chipped in to help NSW animals left devastated by the fires.

The mum and son explained that after NSW shelters and treatment centres had to be evacuated, the Queensland Zoo accepted animals in need of support from the Southern states, with Terri saying the zoo has treated 90,000 animals.

Asked to comment on the impact of the fires, Robert’s previously professional tone gave way to an emotional reflection on the toll the fires have taken on the environment.

“It's definitely an ongoing issue and we're just trying to do our best to help in any way we can,” the teen said.

“It's a pretty tough situation. We're absolutely heartbroken,” he said, his voice wavering.

“They’re basically incinerated.”

Meanwhile, mum Terri pulled no punches when she reflected on the impact, arguing it was possibly time to reconsider Koala’s status as vulnerable species to endangered.

“They’re basically incinerated,” she said bluntly, explaining that because of Eucalyptus Tree’s high oil content, Koala’s hiding in their branches are destroyed when the trees explode from the heat.

Sister Bindi has also lent her voice to the cause, posting regular updates on social media and mirroring her mum’s no-nonsense approach to discussing the impacts.

“This is the heart-wrenching truth, every day is a battle to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Now more than ever we need to work together to make a difference and protect our Mother Earth,” she wrote over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the fires continue to make their presence felt.

Actress Nicole Kidman may be on the Golden Globes today, but she was spotted choking back tears as her property was threatened by the blazes.

Star power has also played a huge role in combatting the deadly impacts, with comedian Celeste Barber raising over $30 million and counting via a fundraiser on her social media accounts.

The fires have decimated an estimated 5.9 million hectares of land and killed at least 20 people since the start of the bushfire season, with a number of fundraisers set up to support wildlife sanctuaries and hospitals, local fire brigades and ravaged communities.

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